Sunday, November 14, 2010

TOASTED SIOPAO: Nakanamit Ka Na? is one of NAGA CITY SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL’s entries for the Doon Po Sa Amin (DPSA) 'Ano Ang Kwento Mo?' contest under the category of Travel and Cuisine.

         This blog aims to showcase what Naga City can offer that is at par with burgers from food chains and  steamed siopao of the Chinese.  Being the only place in the Philippines offering such kind of bread, our team is proud to share a video blog showing how toasted siopao is prepared and why nagueños love this delectable bread despite the introduction of burgers and burger variations in the city.

As our team feels the need to propagate the infectious habit of eating the deliciously tasting siopao bread in Naga, this video blog was created for siopaoholics and soon to be siopaoholics to learn how to make siopao on their own and probably make their own variation of toasted siopao- “Ang tinapay para sa lahat”.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

As we feature the best and tastiest breadfood in Naga, we also pay tribute to the Chinese who introduced us to their steamed siopao of which our featured bread is an innovation.  Where it not for the need of a siopao that could last a day, toasted siopao will not be part of our food favorite.  A one of a kind food introduced by naguenos patterned from the steamed siopao of the chinese, toasted siopao has been a popular bread in the entire bicolandia as several siopao factories are created and patronized even by visitors from other towns and regions.

Our toasted siopao is not just delicious but is also affordable at prices rangingfom 10 pesos to 15 pesos, surely a delectable bread for all generations in all walks of life.  

 Nagueños has truly embraced the habit of eating siopao as their after mass merienda on Sunday or family bonding occasions as proof to this the team  interviewed  several siopao eaters in the city. 

     More than a recipe guide, this video blog will provide you secrets to an “umami” taste of naguenos pride- taosted siopao.